Call for Digital Artists

This call is part of the European FREEYOU Next Initiative, which aims to empower and promote media and data literacy among young people. FREEYOU Next builds on the success of the previous FREEYOU project, which was funded by the Media Literacy for All Programme. The main objective of FREEYOU Next is to transform young people into active thinkers and creative agents in the digital world, rather than simply passive users of social networks. To achieve this, the project seeks to collaborate with artists and digital creators who will work on inspiring tools, foster co-creation processes with young people, and promote interaction between artists, activists, journalists and teachers to improve collective awareness.

A media literacy artistic fellowship programme is launched. FREEYOU Next announces an international call to select 3 digital creatives to participatea 6-month programme, which will run from November 2023 to May 2024. The programme will include virtual meetings, mentoring and a physical residency of at least 2 weeks. The selected projects will address the challenges posed by digital media and social networks, especially their impact on self-esteem, the unrealistic expectations they generate in users and their influence on the relationship with the environment. The aim is to offer a new perspective on the media relationship and to involve teenagers in the creative process.

Os artistas selecionados participarão ativamente em várias atividades durante a sua residência, incluindo a realização de workshops para jovens, a participação em reuniões interdisciplinares, a colaboração no desenvolvimento de exposições e a apresentação das suas obras a vários públicos. The selected artists will actively participate in various activities during their residency, including giving workshops for young people, participating in interdisciplinary meetings, collaborating in the development of exhibitions, and presenting their artworks to various audiences.

The call is open to data artists and digital creators from the 27 EU Member States who are registered as legal entities with a VAT number. Interested applicants must apply by responding to the specific challenge set by one of the host organisations: MEET Digital Center (Italy), FZC-Etopia (Spain) and GLUON (Belgium). The deadline for applications is 13 September 2023 at 23:59 (access to the application form).

FREEYOU Next aims to foster a generation of critical thinkers who use digital media in a positive way. By bringing together talented digital artists and creators, the initiative aims to create impactful projects that inspire and empower young minds, promoting media and data literacy for a better future.

For more information, check out the call for proposals here.

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